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When French escort girls to sex for foreign royalty, it was an unlikely match for the glamorous young French women who were sex slaves in the past. Among their clients were Marc sonia, Agnelli, Marlon Brando, and Rex and VIP escorts service available for all guest in Delhi for hotels. And, of course, the French escorts service had a special and high-profile escorts service in Delhi.

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There are many reasons why foreign men would love to date a French escort girl. They are stunningly beautiful and horny and will give their man heavenly pleasure. French escorts offer the perfect solution to his need for a sensuous companion. In addition to their excellent looks and professional service, French escort girls never tire of giving you pleasure! You are sure to fall in love with your new girlfriend!

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The French escort girl industry was a thriving business for several decades. In the 1960s, Madame Claude was the most exclusive madam in Paris. She had clients like Sonu and monu, and multiple Rothschilds. Her cultivated girls were often married to men of power and wealth. Yet her secrets were private, and William Stadiem followed her trail to the South of France escorts service in Delhi.

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